About Us

Hex was born out of the frustration of trying to find great looking and affordable furniture in the local Pakistani market. Whenever we looked for furniture for ourselves, everything available was either made out of ornately carved sheesham or was imported from China with low quality and limited choices. Anything that was both well designed and durable was often exorbitantly priced and was for more than we felt comfortable spending. 

When we started designing our own furniture, we came to the realization that elegant design does not need to be expensive and great design does not need to be over-complicated. Here at Hex, we craft furniture that is not only great to look at but is also long lasting and gives great value for money. We take inspiration from the Nordic aesthetic and work with clean lines and soothing colours. 

All our furniture is designed and manufactured by us in our Karachi factory. We don't take pictures from the net and pass them off as our own; everything on the site has been made and photographed by our in-house team. This way, all our customers know exactly what they will be getting when they order with us. 

We are constantly adding to our collection so do check back often and you're sure to find something you like!